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Book: Crawling out of Darkness

Author: Terry Gobanga
Publisher:Stone house publishers

About The Book

"....He switched off the gas while I was cooking and carried me to the kitchen counter and told me that we need to talk. After the sad talk, we both did cry a lot and embraced, then we went on as usual and once we went to bed something was wrong and Harry never made it to the next morning. Gone too soon..."

In Crawling out of Darkness, Terry Gobanga tells of the unforgetable stories of her misfortunes and the strength of weakness. Hers was a joyfull life of challenges just like anyone else. Music and ministry was the focus of her life but not doing it all by herself but as a couple.

Then the unexpected happened...on her wedding day, she was hijacked, gang raped and left for dead. After the ordeal. she picked herself back up again and after a few months her 2nd wedding came but in 29 days only her husband passed on after trying to ensure that Terry was warm.

As she struggled to comprehend the inconceivable loss, Terry walked into a tough season in her life and in this book she shares with us her journey through the mountains and the valleys in the hope that you will be helped to crawl out of your own darkness or help another person in the same.

Terry found a lifeline of hope connecting her to God's enduring love and incomprehensible strength. She is a reminder of God's great grace.

Today, Terry pastors Stones to Rubies Ministries together with her husband Tonny Gobanga. She is the founder of Pearls of Hadassah, a ladies ministry that inspires them to be positioned for such a time as this. She is also the founder of Beautiful Mothers Organization, a ministry that reaches out to expectant mothers. She doubles up as a motivational speaker and trainer with Mines and Jewels Motivational Speakers.

She is a sought after speaker in local and international conferences and seminars coming with a message of rebuilding, restoration and renewal

Editorial Reviews

"The story that you are about to read could fit very well in the “stranger than fiction” series. It is the kind of story that first of all you wish did not happen; and if it did, it should be far away. Also, it should not happen to people you know." ~  by REV DR. JUDY MBUGUA

"In this book you will walk with her down the painful and sometimes dark road that eventually opened up to a place of great favor and triumph.  You will find out that  she finally was able to step out of that grim past and triumphantly say ‘yes’ to her husband Tony, who my wife and I like calling ‘good man hard to find’ because of his very special love and care for Terry and their daughter Tehille.  He is a special gift to Terry." ~ by REV. PETERSON RUKENYA

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